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Gamifying Earth Science Learning Funding Proposal

The CoRE Learning Foundation is setting out to modernise education. Our aim is to take learning outside of the textbooks and classrooms and into the real world. To help achieve this goal CoRE has been working on an exciting project we are calling Gamifying Earth Science Learning. 

With STEM skills accounting for over 75% of careers beyond 2030, the resources industry faces a critical workforce shortage. In preparation for the fifth industrial revolution, CoRE are changing the way that STEM education is taught, and in turn assisting in the future talent pipeline for the Resources Industry.


The Gamification initiative have 2 key objectives:

  1. To create a greater awareness of Earth Science education in the 21st Century
  2. To promote the diversity of STEM careers in the Resources Industry
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When surveying people working within the STEM industry, 72% of participants had little to no awareness of Earth Science Education and Resources Careers. You can read more about STEM educational experience of BHP interns surveyed by downloading the report below. 

Leveraging knowledge and experience of how students best learn in this digital age, we collaborated with the Minerals Council of Australia, BHP and Newmont to develop educational computer games that have been created to be used as part of the Australian Earth and Environmental Science curriculum. The goal is to provide students with authentic and purposeful learning experiences, create a greater appreciation of natural resources and the resources industry, and potentially lead students to consider a future career in the industry. 

The Earth Science curriculum often does not receive the funding or attention of the other science disciplines – as it’s considered too dry, too tedious and for some ‘unnecessary’. CoRE’s goal is to change this perspective by engaging the greater education, parent and student community on its delivery and importance.

Today’s students use games as a learning tool. The games put the student’s talents as its engine and the Earth Science, Resource Industry careers at its core. By creating this industry and career awareness CoRE is establishing the pipeline to increase engagement and employment within the Earth Science and resource industries.

To find out more about the project, and what future funding could provide, click the link below to download the Gamification Funding Proposal.

Gamification Funding Proposal Document

Through the research conducted in our Gamification Pilot Report, participating teachers have reported that the Gamification project is allowing them to teach the Earth Science curriculum more confidently. They have also reported high levels of student participation and engagement, with 91% of Gamification students enjoying using the tool!

To read more on the results of Phase 1 of the Gamifying Earth Science Learning Pilot, click the link below to download the 2021 Pilot Report.

Gamification 2021 Pilot Report

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